Tarunn Mistry



Design Director

Tarunn Mistry is the Design Director and Co-Founder of Atmosphere1102. He began his design career studying Furniture and Product Design at De Montfort University. Tarunn gained considerable experience working for a number of leading manufacturers, including SMA, Lago and Ridgeway. This gave him invaluable first-hand experience before working in design studios in both the UK and Italy.

Tarunn’s main focus for Atmosphere1102 is maintaining high design standards, overseeing the quality levels and developing new business opportunities. Tarunn has a broad knowledge of contemporary and traditional design styles and he is influenced by his appetite for global design cultures.

Tarunn took time out early in his career and spent time pursuing a passion for travel and experiencing different cultures. His travels included: Central and South America, Europe and parts of Asia. Tarunn still draws inspiration from these experiences and this is evident in his work today.